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Smart Sustainable Solutions transforming Africa

Our Mission

Ending hunger by empowering people and businesses with sustainability knowledge, clean energy and technology to build smart sustainable communities, combat climate change, develop sustainable agricultural practices and deliver healthy food to everyone without bias.

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Food Security & Zero Hunger

Developing and promoting sustainable agriculture, healthy food production and ensuring Food Security in Africa.

Sustainability Academy

Empowering African youths and farmers with sustainability knowledge, climate resilient technology and green skills.

Clean Energy & Technology

Developing and promoting clean energy and technology to ensure a sustainable future in Africa

Using AI & Blockchain to Revolutionize Food Safety

Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered tech that helps farmers keep their plants healthy and boosts production.

Blockchain Technology

Using Blockchain technology to track plants, seed quality, crop growth, and movement of food after it leaves the farm. Our data improves supply chain transparency and eliminate concerns associated with illegal and unethical operations.

Zero Chemicals

Helping farmers grow food and store food without chemicals, pesticides, steroids, herbicides, preservatives and contaminants with token technology.

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using artificial intelligence and blockchain in agriculture, smart farm, food safety

Loses from Plant diseases



Deaths from Contaminated food



Loses from fake food



Using Smart Tech to grow Mobile Food

Climate resilient

Producing smart food that are resilient to drought, flood and heat waves.

Food Automation

Using automation technology to plant quality seeds, grow, move and harvest healthy crops to ensure food security anywhere.

Mobile Food

Helping farmers grow climate resilient food that can move at the speed of demand.

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Using Clean Energy to grow Healthy Food

Solar Energy

Using solar energy to power food production, water conservation and climate resilient agriculture.

Zero Pollution

Reduces carbon pollution by 90%

10 times more energy efficient than other decontamination methods.

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Africa holds the key to accelerating global climate action.

We’re growing more food trees.


Trees Planted
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growing trees in africa

Helping people reclaim their lives & build sustainable societies.


Sustainable Farmers


Healthy Food Grown


CO2 Emissions Prevented

Our planet is burning, sinking & starving. Say Hi and let’s work together to save lives & nature.

Let's work together
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Live SmartCity Technology Development Initiative

About us

We are a social enterprise whose mission is to support vulnerable communities by developing, promoting and deploying – Smart, Affordable and Sustainable (SAS) solutions to improve and save lives in Africa. We focus on healthy food production, clean technology, education and climate resilient agriculture.

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